In the afternoon there is risk of heavy traffic around Woerden, especially on the A12 motorway and exit 14. Follow when entering Woerden the signs to parcours & permanence. These signs guide you to the parking area and permanence area on the appropriate side of the track. For a detailed situation overview click below map.

From direction Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Leiden

From the A12 (exit Bodegraven/Reeuwijk); direction Bodegraven; double roundabout straight ahead; Bodegraven and at 1st traffic lights turn right (Broekveldselaan) direction Nieuwerbrug; continue ahead; cross red bridge; at roundabout turn right to Nieuwerbrug and continue to Woerden on the N458 (note: 60 km/h speed limit!).

From direction Amsterdam

From the A2 exit Vinkeveen, direction Vinkeveen (N201), there after direction Woerden (N212).

From direction Utrecht

Exit Woerden, when entering Woerden follow the signs of our event. (signs: "renners")

From the N11 (exit Bodegraven Noord)

Pass "Crolesbrug" bridge, direction Nieuwerbrug and continue to Woerden via the N458 (note: 60 km/h speed limit!). This is also the bypass road around Bodegraven.

Entering Woerden follow the signs of our event. (signs: "renners"); this prevents you from crossing the entire city centre as you enter Woerden already on the appropriate side.

In summary: please depart in time and follow the signs "renners" . Your navigation system will not take you to the approprate destination. From city centre side of the track it will be fairly impossible to reach the other side.